Sustainable water systems

With any donation you can make a difference.
“Before the tap was only open at 9am to 12pm and in the evening also 5-6pm. It was so difficult for us, honestly. It’s so perfect now, because anytime you need water you can get it, even at midnight.”
Asanatou Mballow, Female Villager, Jarreng

Why b.water­MIS­SION?

With any donation, you can make a difference.

b.water­MIS­SION is a project to support the sustain­able access to water in Africa.

Bene­fits of clean water:

  • Improve­ment of the general health of the popu­la­tion, espe­cially in rural areas
  • Chil­dren can go to school instead of carrying water over long distances

Bene­fits of a sustain­able water system:

  • Less waste of water and access to the taps 24/7
  • Short distance to the taps

Become a b.water­MIS­SION partner NOW!

Together we can make the differ­ence and change the world sip by sip.


As a donor, you have the following options:
  • You are personally named on the b.waterMISSION tap
  • You have access to the data, in order to have a look at the water consumption and the sustainability data

About AQUA Pearls Foun­da­tion*

* AQUA Pearls – For You and Planet Blue.
A private char­i­table, non-profit foun­da­tion by BWT.

The AQUA Pearls For You and Planet Blue Foun­da­tion* supports the project b.water­MIS­SION for sustain­able taps and water supply in Africa.


  • Estab­lished in December 2016 by BWT in accor­dance with the provi­sions of the Austrian Private Foun­da­tion Act
  • Annu­ally: Audit and confir­ma­tion via Audit Report

Foun­da­tion’s purpose:

  • Improving the access to clean drinking water around the world
  • Fighting against poverty, partic­u­larly against the lack of clean drinking water
  • Promoting sustain­ability, espe­cially the economic use of water resources
  • Protecting the envi­ron­ment, espe­cially the water cycles, and threat­ened species

Why donate to AQUA Pearls Foun­da­tion*?

  • 100% of all dona­tions are invested in the projects
  • No admin­is­tra­tive expenses
  • Dona­tions to the AQUA Pearls Foun­da­tion* are tax-​deductible in Austria
BWT Distance Award
BWT Distance Award

BWT Distance Award

Meter by meter - drop by drop - let's change the world together!

As part of the BWT Distance Award, every meter jumped in all individual competitions in the current season counts. One tap is built every 18,000 meters. 

Kubacki Kubacki