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Our “Blue Planet” is increas­ingly becoming a “plastic planet”. Using a BWT water dispenser means using local tap water, filtering and miner­al­izing it to get best tasty, safe, hygienic drinking water. Avoiding the purchase of water pack­aged in singleuse plastic or glass bottles reduces waste produc­tion, as well as the envi­ron­mental CO2 impact caused by trans­port. In this way, anyone can contribute to turning our “plastic planet” into a “Blue Planet.


Serving good quality water to customers and visi­tors as a refresh­ment at the point of sale is part of the way many indus­tries set the right tone.

The easiest way to provide fresh water as a service to customers and visi­tors is to install a water dispenser that has a perma­nent water connec­tion. In this case, it is advis­able to treat and miner­alize the incoming raw water with filter systems from BWT water+more that have been specially designed for use in cold water dispensers.

Your benefit: The highest sensory quality, hygiene and a constant supply of deli­cious water!

Work­place Envi­ron­ment

Would you like a nice refreshing drink?

The welcoming gesture of offering cool water to employees and visitors is an increasing trend in many industries. The AQA drink dispensers for the workplace make it easy to taste mineralized water at the push of a button. With their simple yet refined design, they easily fit into offices, lobbies, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, shops.

BWT offers effective, easy-to-install solutions that combine safety, quality and low operating costs in a reliable range of devices that guarantee water with excellent organoleptic characteristics and require low maintenance


Global warming is a fact and regular consumption of drinking water becomes even more important. BWT offers drinking water dispensers for the community. A public place for recreation where all citizens can enjoy safe, locally produced, mineralized drinking water. Just refilling existing bottles and avoid buying single use plastic bottles to manage personal hydration.


The world of hospitals or nursing homes has the imperative to fight against any risk of helthcare acquired infection, also when quenching the thirst of their patients or staff. In these contexts, water dispensers with continuous water disinfection devices throughout their service are in demand to avoid any possible bacteriological proliferation.

For You and Planet Blue.