Unlimited fresh mineralized water on demand: your hassle-free solution with water dispensers


Sit back, relax and enjoy refreshing filtered and mineralized water – sparking, still, ambient or hot - right on your fingertips with BWT water dispensers.
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Would you like a nice refreshing drink?

The welcoming gesture of offering cool water to employees and visitors is an increasing trend in many industries.

The AQA drink water dispensers for the workplace make it easy to taste mineralized water at the push of a button. With their simple yet refined design, they easily fit into offices, lobbies, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, shops. BWT offers effective, easy-to-install, bottleless water cooler solutions that combine safety, quality and low operating costs in a reliable range of devices that guarantee water with excellent organoleptic characteristics and require low maintenance.

Tired of keeping track of 3- or 5-gallon water bottle orders or dealing with storing and lifting them? A properly sized inline water dispenser and cooler provides a constant flow of filtered water, eliminating the need for manual ordering and storage. This is an excellent choice for high water consumption and those with limited storage space, offering an abundance of cold, sparkling, and hot water. Install your water dispenser close to a potable water source, ideally near a kitchen or refreshment area.

Key Features:

  • Choose between conventional or digital control systems.
  • Benefit from advanced filtration technology.
  • Customize your cooling system to suit your preferences.
  • Enjoy hot, ambient, chilled, and sparkling water options.
  • Experience a continuous water supply with convenience at your fingertips.

for everyone in every situation

AQA Drink's automatic water dispensing systems can be adapted to any need. Regardless of whether the available space is narrow or large, it provides filtered cold, sparkling or room-temperature water everywhere You can have access to refreshing filtered water anytime. It energizes the employees and provides your customers and guests with high quality water. With AQA DRINK water dispensers, you can always get fresh, filtered water.
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Water dispenser solutions

For tasty, locally-produced, mineralized drinking water



With BWT drinking water solu­tions, you can be sure to always enjoy pure water. In addi­tion to the wide variety of water types,
such as chilled, sparkling or still, all BWT water dispensers are equipped with numerous hygiene and safety features.

Do you need a water dispenser solu­tion for your busi­ness?

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