AQA DRINK and MyAQUA waterfilters made is Austria


The globally patented BWT technologies make it possible to mineralize local tap water and at the same time filter lime, chlorine, and heavy metals.
AQA drink Filter AQA drink Filter


All BWT AQA drink filters refine your tap water in five filtration stages. During this process, particles, heavy metals (such as copper, lead and nickel), odour and other taste disturbing substances (such as chlorine) are reduced. This state-of-the -art filtration is just the preparation phase. The real difference is the patented BWT mineralization technology. Local, filtered tap water, enriched by valuable minerals such as magnesium and zinc deliver perfect taste and help feel more balanced and resilient to stress. BWT makes tasty, locally-produced mineralized drinking water.

For You and Planet Blue

Inspired by nature

That’s BWT water enhancement “inspired by nature”. Local, filtered tap water, enriched by valuable minerals such as magnesium, zinc and silicate deliver perfect taste and help to feel more balanced and resilient to stress. This allows people worldwide, wherever they are, to stop using single-use plastic bottles, saving the transport, storage and disposal of this unnecessary plastic waste. As long transport of bottled water is not necessary, there is a significant positive impact towards lower CO 2 emissions. Without compromise, because BWT makes tasty, locally-produced mineralized drinking water.
Cartridges Table
Cartridges Table

Myaqua filtration portfolio

Filter cartridges for domestic applications and solutions

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of MyAQUA filtration range for households and take your water enjoyment to a new level. Every special moment of refreshment and taste. Discover the best your water has to offer. MYAQUA's three filter options allow you to customise the water to your taste. Unwanted impurities are removed, lime- scale is reduced and the full flavour of your drinks and food is revealed. Whether it's delicious teas, refreshing water or tasty meals-with MYAQUA, your water becomes the perfect ingredient.

MYAQUA Mineralizer

Discover the perfectly with magnesium mineralized water and enjoy the full taste and natural purity while preserving important minerals thanks to our innovative MAQUA mineralizer cartridge.


Experience the pure taste with the MyAQUA Taste cartridge and enjoy drinks and food without the annoying smell of chlorine and unwanted particles.


Protect your household appliances efficiently with the MYAQUA Soft cartridge and experience the purest water for making tea and coffee thanks to the effective limescale protection.

Table Filters
Table Filters

Filter heads & moniĀ­toring systems

Accessories for filter cartridges and water dispensers