Water dispensers from BWT promote earth-friendly solutions:

stay refreshed, refill, and reduce plastic waste in public spaces

Public Venues Public Venues

Public venues

Global warming is a fact and regular consumption of drinking water becomes even more important. BWT offers drinking water dispensers for the community. A public place for recreation where all citizens can enjoy safe, locally produced, mineralized drinking water. Just refilling existing bottles and avoid buying single use plastic bottles to manage personal hydration.

city station: our contribution for the municipality

Already between 29 and 23 B.C. Vitruvius wrote in his treatise, “De Architectura”, dedicated to Augustus, about the importance of water and having open springs: “water is especially necessary for life and daily use. It will be easier to find if there are open, flowing springs”. Still today, centuries later, BWT believes in this principle and pursues it with the design of the “City Stations” series of water dispensers for municipalities. The cornerstone of this project is to help architects to design water dispensers for the city - from the renovation of existing spaces to “turn-key” municipality water dispensers - with BWT’s exclusive and valuable mineralized water.
Public Venues Public Venues

Water dispenser solutions

For tasty, locally-produced, mineralized drinking water



With BWT drinking water solu­tions, you can be sure to always enjoy pure water. In addi­tion to the wide variety of water types,
such as chilled, sparkling or still, all BWT water dispensers are equipped with numerous hygiene and safety features.

Do you need a water dispenser solu­tion for your busi­ness?

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