University 35
University 35


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: 125592573
  • Ideal for offices, schools, sport centres and small canteens
  • Cold and sparkling water
  • Capacity: 35 l/h
  • Space for filter and CO2 cylinder inside the cabinet

Product Benefits

Product details

BWT AQA drink UNIVERSITY 35 is a standalone dispenser characterised by a pleasant, modern and space-saving design. It guarantees an impressive water supply by mains water cooling technology with the use of an ice bank system. The water is dispensed by using vandal-proof steel buttons that are located in two positions: either on the column or on the body of the dispenser, so that they can also be used by handicapped persons.

AQA drink UNIVERSITY 35 has a design that fits anywhere because it is beautiful, sophisticated and contemporary. It transforms an office, a university corridor or a waiting room with its presence alone, thanks to its rounded, minimal silhouette, the contrast between painted metal and stainless steel, and the large customisable surfaces. It can dispense 2 types of water: cold and sparkling. Inside its cabinet there is space for a BWT AQA drink mineralization and filtration and a CO2 cylinder up to 10 kg. In addition, periodic disinfection and cleaning can be performed using BWT’s EasyCare system. There is also a 5-litre drain water container at the back.

Technical details

Item n° - WD 125592573
C - Cold  ✓
A - Ambient  -
S - Sparkling  
H - Hot  -
Cooling capacity l/h (∆t=10°C) 35
Number of people (approx.) 10/40
Cooling tech­nology Ice bank 9 l
Cooling control -2 °C to +7 °C Thermostat
Recir­cu­la­tion pump/stirrer Recirculation pump
Compressor power 124,3 W
Refrig­erant R290
Carbon­ator capacity 1,02 l
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum power consump­tion 420 W
Pump type 200 l/h palette
Ø water inlet pipe 8 mm
Ø CO2 inlet pipe 6 mm
Maximum CO2 inlet pres­sure 4,5 bar
Water inlet pres­sure (min./max.) 1,5 / 3,5 bar
Dimen­sions WD (WxDxH) mm 460x590x1400
Weight kg (approx.) 52
Mate­rial of construc­tion Stainless steel / painted
Water selec­tion point Push buttons

University 35