AQA drink Catering
AQA drink Catering

AQA drink CATERING Large

Powerful and robust for collective catering

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: 125591849
  • 304l stainless steel cabinet with a wide maintenance hatch
  • AQA drink CATERING can be extensively customized on request

Product Benefits

Product details


The AQA drink CATERING is the ideal water dispenser for collec­tive catering settings, such as company canteens and lunch­rooms. It can be easily inte­grated into the self-​service settings of these communal spaces. The AQA drink CATERING is avail­able with a choice of two chilling capac­i­ties, each version is equipped with 2 cold water taps each controlled by a 3-​posi­tion button. The entire cabinet is made of 304L stain­less steel and features a hatch for easy access to the machine and filtra­tion system. The basic models of this water dispenser should be connected to a waste water line. This product line is also avail­able with other chilling capac­i­ties and may be exten­sively config­ured with numerous options. 

  • Ideal for school canteens and cafe­te­rias
  • Cold water
  • Capacity: 80 to 120 l/h

It’s possible to combine BWT’s AQA drink miner­al­iza­tion and filtra­tion solu­tions, so that you have valu­able water rich in valu­able minerals. In addi­tion, peri­odic disin­fec­tion and cleaning can be performed using BWT’s Easy­Care system.



All BWT AQA drink filters refine your tap water in five filtra­tion stages. During this process, parti­cles, heavy metals (such as copper, lead and nickel), odour and other taste disturbing substances (such as chlo­rine) are reduced. This state-​of-theart filtra­tion is just the prepa­ra­tion phase.

The real differ­ence is the patented BWT miner­al­iza­tion tech­nology. Local, filtered tap water, enriched by valu­able minerals such as magne­sium and zinc deliver perfect taste and help feel more balanced and resilient to stress. BWT makes tasty, locally-​produced miner­al­ized drinking water. For You and Planet Blue.

Technical details

  80 120 
Item n° - WD 125591848 125591849
C - Cold  ✓  ✓
A - Ambient -  -
S - Sparkling   - -
H - Hot  -  -
Cooling capacity l/h (Δt= 10°C)  80 120
Number of people (approx.) 30/80 80/120 
Cooling tech­nology   Ice Bank
Cooling control  -4°C to +10°C Ther­mo­stat 
Recir­cu­la­tion pump/stirrer  Stirrer
Compressor power 280 W 320 W 
Refrig­erant R134a
Carbon­ator capacity -
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum power consump­tion 290 W 330 W
Pump type -
⌀ water inlet pipe 6,35 mm

7,93 mm

⌀ CO2 inlet pipe -
Maximum CO2 inlet pres­sure  -  -
Water inlet pres­sure (min./max.)  2 / 4,5 bar
Dimen­sions WD (WxDxH) mm 421x342x1412
Weight kg (approx.)  42 49
Mate­rial of construc­tion Stain­less steel 304L
Water selec­tion point 3-position buttons