AQA drink Cube
AQA drink Cube

AQA drink CUBE

Space for beauty, with our most advanced water dispensers

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: 125591251
  • Ice bank system
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Volumetric portion control and display

Product Benefits

Product details


BWT AQA drink CUBE is a complete range of counter top water coolers char­ac­terised by elegant lines and high-quality mate­rials that make these prod­ucts perfect for loca­tions where design is also impor­tant. The AQA drink CUBE range includes a wide selec­tion of profes­sional water coolers, robust and reli­able over time, which meet the highest stan­dards for perfor­mace and product quality. They are avail­able in two different colors: black or white.

  • Ideal for bars, restau­rants, canteens
  • Ambient, cold and sparkling water
  • Capacity: 50 to 120 l/h
  • UV-LED at the spout** (optional)

All models can dispense 2 portions for three different types of water, thanks to the portion control system. It’s possible to combine BWT’s AQA drink miner­al­iza­tion and filtra­tion solu­tions, so that you have valu­able water rich in valu­able minerals. In addi­tion, peri­odic disin­fec­tion and cleaning can be performed using BWT’s Easy­Care system. Imagine your home, bar or restau­rant free of single-use plastic bottles. Let’s work together for the elim­i­na­tion of plastic waste and addi­tion­ally contributing to the reduc­tion of the CO2 emis­sion.



All BWT AQA drink filters refine your tap water in five filtration stages. During this process, particles, heavy metals (such as copper, lead and nickel), odour and other taste disturbing substances (such as chlorine) are reduced. This state-of-theart filtration is just the preparation phase.

The real difference is the patented BWT mineralization technology. Local, filtered tap water, enriched by valuable minerals such as magnesium and zinc deliver perfect taste and help feel more balanced and resilient to stress. BWT makes tasty, locally-produced mineralized drinking water. For You and Planet Blue.

Tech­nical Details

  50 80 120
Item n° - WD white 125591250 125591251 125591252
Item n° - WD black 125591764 125591765 125591766
C - Cold  ✓  ✓  ✓
A - Ambient  ✓  ✓  ✓
S - Sparkling  ✓  ✓  ✓
H - Hot  - - -
Cooling capacity l/h (∆t=10°C) 50
 80  120
Number of people (approx.) 20/50
 50/80 80/120
Cooling tech­nology Ice bank
Cooling control -2 °C to +7 °C Ther­mo­stat
Recir­cu­la­tion pump/stirrer -  Optional Optional 
Compressor power 185 W  245 W  380 W
Refrig­erant R290
Carbon­ator capacity 1,6 l  1,4 l 1,4 l 
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum power consump­tion 220 W  300 W 500 W
Pump type Booster 220V 135 PSI Booster 220V 135 PSI   200 l/h motor 150 W
Ø water inlet pipe 8 mm
Ø CO2 inlet pipe 6 mm
Maximum CO2 inlet pres­sure 4 bar
Water inlet pres­sure (min./max.) 1,5 / 3,5 bar
Dimen­sions WD (WxDxH) mm 190x570x460  270x590x460 300x630x460
Weight kg (approx.) 21  24  28
Mate­rial of construc­tion Methacry­late / Stain­less steel
Water selec­tion point Display with push buttons and volu­metric portion control