AQA drink power mobile bar
AQA drink power mobile bar


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: SB206004515P
  • Ideal for bars, restaurants, canteens, sport centres and events
  • Cold and sparkling water
  • Capacity: up to 600 l/h
  • 3 models available
  • Sturdy and functional design
  • Drip tray included

Product Bene­fits

Product details

BWT AQA drink POWER MOBILE BARs were made to satisfy the demand of sport events. These bars are dispensing counters equipped with steel cabinet doors on four sides. They can be easily sanitised and customised with adhesive films. They are designed to be easily transported and assembled on site, at sports events but also in canteens and restaurants.

They have one, two or four dispensing columns and can dispense three types of filtered water with BWT Mineralized Water technology, ambient, cold and sparkling. In addition, periodic disinfection and cleaning can be performed using BWT’s EasyCare system. The filter is installed inside the cabinet, together with the CO2 cylinder and accessories.

Technical Details

Item n° - WD SB206004515P SB10901502P SB111248045
C - Cold  ✓  ✓  ✓
A - Ambient  ✓  ✓  ✓
S - Sparkling  

H - Hot  - - -
Cooling capacity l/h (∆t=10°C) 100 300 2 x 300
Number of people (approx.) 30/100 100/300 200/600
Cooling tech­nology Ice bank 8 l
Ice bank 20 l
Ice bank 52 l 
Cooling control +3 °C to +5 °C Thermostat
Recir­cu­la­tion pump/stirrer - - -
Compressor power 280 W 559,2 W 559,2 W
Refrig­erant R290 R134a 
Carbon­ator capacity 1,0 l 1,8 l 2 x 2,0 l
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum power consump­tion 390 W 620 W 1790 W
Pump type Rotary vane pump
Ø water inlet pipe 3/4" / 8 mm
Ø CO2 inlet pipe Armoured tube
Maximum CO2 inlet pres­sure 4,5 bar  5,5 bar
Water inlet pres­sure (min./max.) 2,3 / 3,5 bar 1,5 / 5,5 bar
Dimen­sions WD (WxDxH) mm 630x600x1570 900x600x1570 1120x720x1570
Weight kg (approx.) 57 97 132
Mate­rial of construc­tion Stainless steel / painted
Water selec­tion point Faucets with 3,5" touch screen