Bewell Green Hope
Bewell Green Hope

BEWELL - Green Hope

Extra Boost for your mineralized water!

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Product details

Extra boost for your mineralized water!

beWell+15 is a new, unique lifestyle beverage system that brings more fresh­ness to your life every day in a refresh­ingly natural and tasty way. The secret of the completely new, different and deli­cious beWell bever­ages lies in their fresh prepa­ra­tion with essences extracted from fruits, and best of all with BWT miner­al­ized water.

4 different, revi­tal­ising and tasty essences made from fruits and herbs - a deli­cious, thirst-​quenching and healthy drink! The essences are pack­aged in conve­nient bag-​in-boxes with a special airtight safety membrane.

The head of the connec­tion element makes it easy to set up a secure, quick-​connect connec­tion. Hygiene and safety in the most conve­nient way possible.

Our essences are precious, this is why we succeeded in achieving a high-​performance mixing ratio in which we have 1 part essence to 9 parts water (adjustable from the AQA drink PRO SPRINT menu).

The essence contained in each bag-​in-box enables the dispensing of up to 150 glasses of 200 ml beverage. This, compared to the use of bottled bever­ages, allows a reduc­tion of about 98% of the waste released into the envi­ron­ment, making AQA drink PRO SPRINT the perfect ally for the envi­ron­men­tally aware.

Technical details

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Item n° - CMB connection 125251959